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HDBaseT HDMI Long Range Extender over 1 CAT5/6 with Bi-Directional IR


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Technical Specs
The HDBaseT Model:HE1LBIRV2-70M is using only one cost effective CAT5/6 cable to extend your HDTV display up to 229ft(70M) at 1080p and up to 130'(40M) at 4K2K. With high HDMI quality uncompressed video it delivers significant value to the entire home and commercial entertainment system.

Long Range Cat5 Extender for HDMI Video Displays

When installing HDTV distribution systems in retail, academic and business environments, range can be an issue – installing a display a long distance from control units. The HDBaseT Model:HE1LBIRV2-70M is using only one cost effective CAT5/6 cable to extend your HDTV at 1080p up to 229' and up to 130' at 4K2K. This ensures that you can place your display where you desire without being limited by distance. Installation is a snap, as this long range Cat5 extender offers plug and play capabilities despite its small form factor.

Our Long Range Cat5 extender still delivers the same high-resolution video and audio performance that’s demanded by home theaters, retail environments and more, with a data transmission rate of 10.2 GB/s delivering uncompressed HD video at 1080p @ 60Hz. Don’t settle for a basic long range HDMI extender – save money while gaining flexibility and without sacrificing quality with ZuumMedia today!

Extends HDMI and IR over one CAT5/6 cable (CAT6 recommended for best results) Uncompressed high definition video up to 1080p@60Hz/48bits and 3D Transmission range up to 196ft (60m) at 1080p using CAT5 cable Transmission range up to 229ft (70m) at 1080p using CAT6 cable 4Kx2K video support up to 130ft (40m) HDBaseT Bi-Directional IR selectable switch at either TX/RX side IR carrier frequency 30kHz to 60kHz Max. Data Rate - 10.2Gbps HDMI and HDCP compliance Audio support up to LPCM7.1, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA Easy to install, Plug n Play, Small form factor

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