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Mono Audio Over (1 pair) Cat5/6 Extender


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Model: AE1-T

Technical Specs
Mono Audio CAT5/6 Extender

Out AE1-T is a low cost solution that allows the use of CAT5/6 cable to transmit mono audio between two devices such as a microphone to an amplified speaker. Use one pair of the CAT5/6 cable to transmit mono audio up to 5906ft (1.8km) with ground loop protection and no interference. This is a perfect solution for passing mono audio over long distance to a front access gate, PA speakers, intercom system or add a microphone to a remote camera location.

RCA female to 2 pin screw terminal 20Hz to 20kHz (-3db) bandwidth Works with 75-120Ω cable High Performance and eliminates audio ground loop interference Mono audio transmission range up to 5906ft (1.8km) Passive, No Power Required Easy to install, Sold in pairs