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Fits Up To 80" TV (VESA 600x400) 10 Degree Tilt/Flat Bracket

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Model: TL37-80

Fits Up To 80" TV (VESA 600x400) 10 Degree Tilt/Flat Bracket

Great bracket for flat or tilt installations for all of the new thinner LCD and LED TV's

Fits most TV's from 37"-80" that have up to VESA 600x400

Level screw adjustments on bracket arms

Slide bar for security and abilty to accept a padlock for additional security

Key Features:

(Post Level Adjustment)

When installing brackets on uneven surfaces like a stone fireplace it can be difficult to get TV brackets perfectly level. We have placed adjustment screws on the top of each mounting arm of Model: TL37-80 that will give you some post leveling adjustments so you can get the TV perfectly level just the way you want it.

(Optional Lock)

On the TL37-80 bracket there is a slide bar that comes across and goes through the bracket arms to help secure them in place. At the end of the slide bar is a hole where you can place an optional lock. This lock will then prevent someone from removing the slide bar not allowing them to pull the TV off of the mounted back plate on the wall.

(Lateral Adjust)

The TL37-80 gives some flexibility before tightening down level screws to be able to have left to right lateral shift. This helps adjust TV when mounting can not be exactly where you want on the wall due to wooden stud placement.

(Effortless Tilting Arm)

The TL37-80 bracket arms are designed for effortless Tilting to achieve +5° ~ -10° viewing angle .The bracket arms come pre adjusted for the correct pressure to make tilt adjustments but still have the ability for installer to tighten or loosen per there own custom installation desire.

(Open Back Design)

TL37-80 is designed with open back for flexible cable routing and tall enough opening to place electrical and low voltage boxes and plates for a clean custom install.

(Up to VESA 600X400)

TL37-80 can support TV's up to 80"s that support up to 600X400 VESA patterns and TV weights up to 150lbs.

  • Tilting / Leveling TV Wall Mount Fits up to 80" TV's 68 kgs. / 150 lbs
  • Can achieve +5 to - 10 degree tilting
  • Open back for optimum flexibility for in wall cable routing
  • VESA Compliant up to 600mm x 400mm
  • Leveling screws on bracket arms for perfect leveling
  • Slide bar for TV security with option to add padlock
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Color: Black
  • Very strong design