About us

Welcome to ZUUM, your trusted partner in the world of surveillance technology. At ZUUM, we're more than just a Value-Added Distributor – we're your dedicated team committed to ensuring the optimal performance of your surveillance systems.
Our expertise lies in firmware testing, driver development, tech support, and design guidance, all geared towards delivering the best customer service experience possible. With a deep understanding of the surveillance industry, we're confident in our ability to guarantee client satisfaction.
Our mantra is simple yet powerful: 'We stand ready with solutions to the common and uncommon issues of our industry.' This is the foundation upon which ZUUM is built. We invite you to put our commitment and knowledge to the test. Contact us today and discover why ZUUM is the partner you can trust.


Committed to supplying outstanding products, service and solutions through dedication, innovation and continual response to the changing needs of our customers specific requirements.

We don't just want to sell you a product, we want to provide solutions and add value to your business.

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